Natasha Shy – Cock Tease

Another fresh week and time for one more Natasha Shy video for you to see today. In this one the lovely and sexy babe gets to sample some hard style anal sex for your enjoyment. Again she went to go hunting for guys at a bar and she seems to have gotten herself picked up by one hot stud. And how could she deny his advances when she could only think about his cock.But the dude told her that he’s into hard core sex and to which she replied, she’d actually hoped he’d say that as she’s always looking for a rough fuck.

And this scene as you might imagine also contains some nice Natasha Shy anal scenes as well. As they go back to his apartment out sexy woman gets the guy nice and hard by sucking on his cock with her juicy and tender lips. And then she mounts his cock for the sex to start. Watch her as she bounces up and down his cock with her pussy, and then she switches holes as she begs him to fuck her ass hard as well. The dude complied and thoroughly stretched her tight little ass as well today. Enjoy everyone and see you next time!

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Natasha Shy Video – Dorm Fuck

Oh boy, does Natasha Shy have one special update for you today. Not only she brings you a full motion video of her, but she brings you one with her getting her sweet holes fucked by a lucky guy in a dorm. She seems to have fancied a guy at a bar when she went to hunt for some fresh meat,and she learned that the stud is actually studying for a master’s degree and was still living in a dorm. Well she never had sex in one dorm so she decided to give the guy acess to her eager and horny pussy as he’d get to work on that sweet cunt tonight.

So without further due, just sit back and watch your favorite teen beauty as she’s taking one hard style and proper dicking for your enjoyment today. We’re sure that you’ll absolutely love this scene and we can only hope that she’ll do more like this in the future. Watch this sexy beauty as she gets bent over and fucked hard style by the horny and eager dude. Suffice to say that her tight and wet pussy had her fill of cock for the night as she was extremely pleased with the whole thing. Like always enjoy and see you next week everyone!Also you can enter the site and watch other great hardcore sex vids!

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Natasha Shy Porn Scene

As another week swung by, your favorite teen hottie brings you another Natasha Shy porn update today. This fine day, it seems that the sexy beauty is feeling rather bored, and since it’s too hot to go outside and do anything, she decided to have herself a one person sex party with her eager pussy. Well she was also rather eager and horny to do it, but like we said, the sun was too ruthless today to have an outdoor shoot. And since this was the next best thing for her to do, she decided to have a go at it, as you’ll also get to see her pleasing herself.

When the cameras start rolling, the sexy NatashaShy can be seen wearing her normal every day outfit composed of her checkered colored shirt, green socks and her light blue mini skirt. And as she poses around a bit to tease you with her superb shapes, the then takes a seat on the couch as she removes her panties and pulls up her skirt. Then you can watch her as she starts to finger fuck herself for your enjoyment. Watch this little self pleasing session that she does just for you guys and have fun. We’ll see you next week with more! Until then, click here and enjoy watching other gorgeous chicks finger fucking their juicy pussies!


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Wide Opened

Hey there once more guys, Natasha Shy comes back yet again today with one more fresh scene for you. This time it seems that she has been shopping and she got herself a nice and sexy blue bikini outfit that was sure to make the guys go wild. And since she plans on wearing it to the beach in her future outings, she decided to show it off to you today and see if you’d like it.

natasha-shy-nudeAs you know by now, if there’s one thing that NatashaShy does very well is to tease and show off her amazing curves for the cameras. So watch her as she shows off her bikini, and see her as she eventually undresses showing off her naked body. See her as she also spreads her legs to show you her pussy, as she can’t just let that pass by. She’s always thinking about your best interests. If you wanna see other sexy chicks showing their pussies, enter the site and have fun inside it!

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Natasha Shy Lesbian Fun

Natasha Shy is back this fine day, but this time she has a special update to show off. This fine day she fancied having some hot lesbian sex and you’d get to see it first as always. And you will not believe who she has as a guest star today. It’s none other than another hot teen porn star and her name should very much sound familiar to you. She’s Sasha Blonde and she’s just as wild and horny as your resident naughty teen NatashaShy is. Like the chicks from sapphic videos, she adores getting her juicy cunt licked! So let’s watch them go at it for today. You can safely assume that you will be in for some amazing scenes with these two very horny hotties today. So let’s get started.

As the cameras start rolling, you can see the duo formed by these two sexy and horny women as they make their appearance in the scene and they’re all ready to have some fun for you today. They start off to get undressed and to reveal those amazingly perky and cute bodies that everyone loves. And then they start to kiss passionately to set the mood even more for you. As they are also massaging one another’s superb bodies you can see them make their way down to one another’s pussy as they intend to please each other today. Watch the superb lesbian scene that Natasha brings you today and enjoy everyone. See you next week with some more fresh and hot scenes.


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Weekend at Villa

Another fresh week and time for one more Natasha Shy update. This time the sexy teen decided to take a little trip and go on a vacation. But hey, she couldn’t just let you wait for her return now could she? So she took the camera crew along with her as she’d also do a nice scene once she was there for you guys. And she got quite naughty this time as well. She got booked in at a nice and private villa and her room also had a nice balcony, which she decided she’d use as her scene for the shoot on the spot.

natasha-shy-finger-fuckingNatashaShy simply makes her way to the balcony as she intended, and takes a big pillow along with her to have some comfort while she’d be posing for your viewing pleasure today. She wastes no time at all in getting all naked to show off her perky tits and pink eager pussy for you, and you can see just how sexy and hot this woman really is for this one. Watch her naked posing for this awesome gallery everyone and be sure to check out her past updates as well. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed by this hottie. If you wanna see other beauties revealing their pussies, check out the celebmatrix site! Have fun, guys!

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NatashaShy – Pleasing Her Pussy

In this new week, NatashaShy makes another comeback with a fresh and brand new gallery. And you can bet that this hot teen has some more things to show off for you today. This fine week your resident sexy and hot lady decided to show you how this sexy teen likes to start off her every morning. And as you’ll get to see, this naughty little lady will put on quite the self pleasing show for you to see this time. As you might already know Natasha Shy plans to fuck her own pussy for your viewing pleasure today and you get front row seats.

As the cameras start rolling the teen beauty can be seen lying in her bed as she then lazily wakes up saying hi to the cameras. And as she asks you rhetorically what you’re doing in her room, she also answers that herself, saying that you came to see what she likes to do every morning to start things off nicely did you. So just sit back and watch her as she takes her sweet time to fuck her sweet pussy with her expert fingers today just for you. We hope you enjoyed it and do come back next week for some more of her! If you wanna see other beauties rubbing their pussies, check out the blog!


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Natasha Shy Exposed

Hey there once more guys, this fine day we have a rather quick Natasha Shy porn update to show off, so excuse the small introduction. In this scene the sexy and hot lady Natasha decided to have her new shoot at the pool side as it was rather hot and this sexy teen also had one sexy swimsuit to show off to you. So without any more delays let’s get this sexy show of hers started shall we?


Like we said she was really eager to show off her new swimwear for you and you can bet it’s quite a sight to behold as you’ll see. But as you know Natasha isn’t know for her showing off clothes, but her amazing naked body. And since that’s what you’re here to see, feast your eyes on her luscious curves as she poses around naked by the pool side just for your viewing pleasure today. Wanna see other beauties showing off their impressie bodies? If you do, enter the blog! Have fun, guys!

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Outdoor Shooting

Hey there guys, we are back this fine week and we bring you some more Natasha Shy porn scenes. This fine week our resident sexy and naughty lady decided that she’d fancy to do an outdoor shoot as she wanted to feel the fresh air caressing her sweet body while she shows off her goods for the cameras and you today. And since she’s so eager we went ahead with her plan and left her do her thing as she desired. So sit back and watch this incredible shoot with Natasha today as she gets to pose around and play outside.

NatashaShy knows what you came to see, as she always does, and so she took on her smallest and sexiest clothes that she had in order to tempt you with the sights of her superb curves this fine afternoon. And as she undressed she showed off her perky and playful tits as she started to massage them. She slowly made her way down into her panties and you can see this hottie as she also rubs her pussy for you. Enjoy her scene guys and see you next week with some more fresh content of her. Bye bye and have fun everyone! For similar material check out the site and see another beauty masturbating!


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Natasha Shy – Home Alone

Natasha Shy returns in this week with another amazing solo shoot for you guys to see. This time the lovely brown headed woman along with her perky body wanted to do one more solo shoot by herself  in the comforts of her won living room. And she was dressed the part in this scene as you will get to see for yourselves. She donned a very cute and sexy dress with many colors and had a little red flower in her hair as well. But the catch is that this horny woman wasn’t packing anything underneath her clothes.


When the cameras start rolling, NatashaShy is already starting to do her own thing as she starts to pose around the room. Oh, and you can bet she knows that you want to see more, and for a while she just teases you with her alluring and sexy shapes. But eventually she does reveal her perky tits at first, and then followed by her eager pussy. Then you can also see this hot babe as she finger fucks herself for your enjoyment as well. Have fun with this update of hers guys and do come back next week for some more content!

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